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Joël St-Denis

Real Estate Investment Advisor

First and foremost, I would like to thank you for taking the time to visit my website and find out more about me. My name is Joël St-Denis and I have been in the real estate brokerage business for just over 10 years. For the past few years, I have specialized in real estate investment advice, i.e. I help investors who want to start or develop their real estate portfolio. I also sometimes assist people who simply want to buy or sell a property, without necessarily trying to build up a real estate portfolio.

My vision of real estate investment

Naturally, I have completed many training courses in real estate investment and I have been involved in different schools of thought. Some believe that profit is only made at the time of purchase, while others believe that extensive training in financial engineering is essential for any serious and motivated investor. Personally, I think that the world of real estate investment is far too vast to be summed up in a single methodology or a single line of thought.

Despite being surrounded by numbers all day long, I do most of my business with humans. People who have a history, a journey and projects to achieve. I support them in the short, medium or long term depending on their goals and the level of involvement they want to maintain with me. As someone who is very patient and instructive, I enjoy sharing my experience and training my clients. My goal is to identify the investor profile of each person who contacts me in order to find the perfect “fit” with other people in my network. I call this “profile matching”.

A proven method

As you will discover by browsing the pages “creating a real estate portfolio”, “optimizing an existing portfolio” or “buying and selling properties“, my goal is to achieve a win-win negotiation between buyer and seller, no matter which party I represent. I regularly represent both the seller and the buyer (where a match has been possible), which greatly facilitates the negotiations since I am fully aware of the expectations of both parties involved.

I generally work with my clients over the long term and we build a trust-based relationship together. They tell me their goals, their fears, their doubts, their desires and I in return share my opinion as a real estate investment specialist without ever making any judgments. My goal is to understand what my clients really want, get them to ask the right questions and guide them towards achieving their goals.

Since each investor is different, I systematically start from scratch and take my clients through a series of steps to ensure that I fully understand their goals, their financial situation and the type of investments they seem most comfortable with. I then propose a number of approaches, which will evolve as the goals are reached.

Nothing like a first meeting

I am well aware of the level of trust it takes to entrust your money to an advisor, regardless of their expertise. As you can probably tell, my approach is human-oriented and it is important that we are clear about our respective expectations from the outset. For my part, I seek to build long-term relationships with my clients and grow with them.

This page and this website are made for you to discover what I can offer you and how I will support you in your real estate investment projects. I hope I have inspired you to initiate a first exchange. If so, I encourage you to contact me at 514 449 4494 or via the contact form by clicking here for a free and personalized assessment.