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Here are the questions that my clients regularly ask me and which I thought would be useful to share with you.

Because my approach as a real estate investment advisor is educational, I am constantly called upon to answer my clients’ questions. Some questions come up regularly and others are more individual, but they may still be of interest to my other clients. I have therefore decided to create this “FAQ” section in order to share the answers I routinely give to my clients. This page will naturally be updated and I encourage you to contact me if you have any other questions.

A real estate investment advisor is someone who supports you in achieving your real estate investment projects. In other words, they determine your investor profile, help you define your goals (you would be surprised at the number of investors who have no idea of their return expectations), help you develop a strategy to achieve your goals, and above all: they train you!

Indeed, a good investor (real estate or other) must constantly broaden his knowledge in the field to stay up to date and recognize the opportunities provided by market trends. Acquiring and maintaining this level of knowledge takes time, which you may not always have. The real estate investment advisor’s role is precisely to save you time by staying in tune with the market and looking for the opportunities that are right for you. It is therefore a long-term relationship based on dialogue and transparency.

The term “pocket listing” is often used in real estate to refer to real estate transactions that are conducted “outside MLS” (Multiple Listing Service, now called Realtors), i.e. outside traditional databases that include all properties for sale in a specific geographic area (Centris for example).

Real estate investors often think that pocket listing will give them access to better opportunities than the traditional market. In reality, a pocket list is simply a network of contacts/properties that brokers “keep” to prevent anyone from having access to it, which could be for several different reasons. However, this doesn’t mean that these are good opportunities for you!

Matching, on the other hand, consists of connecting (matching) investors (buyers or sellers) whose profile and interests can converge. These can be opportunities from pocket listing or internal databases of different real estate portfolios. Whether you are in the seller’s or buyer’s position, you want to complete your transaction with serious people who won’t waste your time and who want the transaction to go as smoothly as possible. The role of matching is to ensure that both parties can get along, that there is a “fit”. As a real estate investment advisor, this is my specialty.

Short answer: deals are an illusion while opportunities are real.

Detailed answer: a “deal” is a transaction that is similar to an opportunity, but not necessarily suited to your investment goals. Let’s take the example of a seller who owns a triplex located on the Plateau and whose market value is around $800,000. He offers to sell it for $700,000, is it a deal or an opportunity?

If this transaction doesn’t meet your real estate investment goals or if you don’t have the means to make this transaction, the “deal” is there but the opportunity (for you) is not. We could also take the example of a car sold for $10,000 when it is worth $15,000. This is a deal, but if you have no desire to change your car or enter into this transaction, there is no opportunity for you.

As you can see, when it comes to real estate investment, you shouldn’t be looking for deals. You should ask your investment advisor to find opportunities that meet YOUR goals.

Yes, I have pocket lists but I only use them to make my matches. If I started sharing my pocket lists with anyone who asked me, they would no longer be pocket lists and there is a good chance that no investor would agree to be part of them.

If you are looking for pockets lists to get deals, read or reread the previous question: “What is the difference between deals and opportunities?”

If however you wish to be part of my pocket lists so that I can help you find the opportunities and business partners that meet your real estate investment goals, you are only one call away from seeing your wish come true: 514 449 4494.