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Buy or Sell Property

When it comes to buying or selling a property, surrounding yourself with the right people is important.

If you take the time to browse through the different pages of my website, you will notice that I do not present myself as a real estate broker (although I hold the title). I am a real estate investment advisor, which means that I assist investors who entrust me with the creation or management of part or all of their real estate portfolio.

As a real estate investment advisor, I am in a privileged position because I have a very large network of buyers and sellers, all motivated to complete their next transaction. This often lets me carry out “matching” that takes place independently of traditional contact platforms (Centris, DuProprio etc.). Buyers and sellers meet based on the similarities in their profile and expectations, making it easier to negotiate. I will do this by taking you through a series of simple steps to help you complete the transaction that best meets your goals.

Analysis of your situation and your goal

Are you interested in buying a property to prepare for your retirement, increase your income or leave an estate to your children? Do you want to sell a building for personal projects or to have immediate cash flow? My role is to advise you and put you in contact with the buyer or seller who meets your criteria so that we can reach a win-win situation.

Market entry

In real estate, there are not necessarily buyers against sellers. It is entirely possible to make clean and honest transactions so that everyone benefits: that’s where I come in. Buyers want to buy at fair market value and sellers want to save time to avoid having to sort through bids, disturb their tenants with visits and see the value of their building depreciate if the transaction takes time to materialize. I fully understand this and make sure that you enter the market as successfully as possible.

Connecting with motivated and serious buyers and sellers

As a real estate investment advisor, I know how to find and recognize serious buyers and sellers. Whether in my own network or through my various prospecting initiatives, I systematically manage to find investors (buyers or sellers) who correspond to my clients’ profile and project. I then present the business opportunity so that each stakeholder understands their interest in starting negotiations.

Smart and fair negotiations for everyone

We will review your various assets, your cash flow as well as another important value: your time. No one is too small to invest in real estate and the best strategy is the one that is right for YOU, not your brother-in-law or the guru whose latest bestselling book you’ve read. I help you build your equipment before I take you on the field.

Contact me directly by phone or via the contact form for a free and personalized assessment of your needs.