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Real estate Portfolio Creation

Using personalized questions and tools, I can help you define your investor profile and build a strategy adapted to your objectives.

How do you get 10, 20, 100 assets in real estate? Do you need to have a large amount of money (inheritance, lottery, etc.) to have the down payment necessary for your first purchase? What level of skills do you need to build a real estate portfolio? I am fortunate enough to have met a wide range of motivated and diverse investors in my career as a real estate investment advisor.

I don’t consider myself a real estate broker who is primarily dedicated to helping buyers and sellers close a transaction. Instead, I support people who want to build a real estate portfolio from scratch, whatever their level of market knowledge. As someone who is very instructive and patient, I help my clients ask the right questions:

What are your goals ?

“I want to invest in real estate” is not a goal. I want to have $5 million in assets in 5 years and retire in 10 years is one. My goal as a real estate investment advisor isn’t to sell dreams but to make projects a reality. The first step will therefore be to help you define clear and realistic goals in line with your investor profile.

What is your investor profile ?

There are as many investor profiles as there are investors. Everyone has ambition but no one is at the same level, which is what makes real estate investment so exciting. With simple and direct questions, I help you discover your investor profile and I start the process that will set the pace for our relationship as we reach your goals.

How much risk and effort can you handle?

Real estate is not a passive investment. Even the safest investment will require some risk and involvement on your part. My role is therefore to inform you of what to expect if you choose a given direction in your real estate portfolio so that you can make an informed choice. These choices may evolve as a result of the ongoing training you will benefit from throughout our collaboration.

Where do we start ?

We will review your various assets, your cash flow and another important value: your time. No one is too small to do real estate and the best strategy is the one that is right for YOU, not for your brother-in-law or the last guru whose latest bestseller you read. I will help you organize your equipment before taking you to the field.

Contact me directly by phone or via the contact form for a free and personalized assessment of your needs.